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Library General Obligation Bond: Supporting 17 local libraries

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Rio Rancho Public Libraries would be among those benefiting from the Sandoval County Library General Obligation Bond if it passes in November.

By Gary Herron

The Library General Obligation Bond on the November ballot would raise $3.35 million for the 17 libraries in Sandoval County.

The bond would be repaid though property taxes over seven years.

It’s replacing bonds the county has paid off, so passage would mean no change in property taxes. If the bond fails, property taxes would go down by $5.40 per $100,000 of taxable property value.

Libraries can use the bond money to update their collections with a variety of materials, get or upgrade computers and improve their facilities. They’ll have two years to use the funding.

The City of Rio Rancho will get $1.5 million from the bond, if voters approve it.

“The bond is incredibly important because it helps support the Rio Rancho Public Libraries’ vision of providing resources to our community, and offering innovative technology to meet community needs, all while fostering learning and creativity that encourages a love of reading and lifelong learning,” said city Director of Library & Information Services Lynette Schurdevin.

She said Rio Rancho libraries use bond money to for books, e-books, audio books, digital media, databases, public computers, software, library equipment, broadband equipment, library furniture and shelving, among other things. The funds also help provide the children’s summer reading program; science, technology, engineering, art and math programs; and literacy programs for babies and pre-school children.

In rural areas, libraries often serve as community centers and possibly the only public access to an internet connection.

“The smaller communities tend to have more structural problems they have to address (for library buildings),” said county financial advisor Rob Burpo.

According to county information, the breakdown of how bond proceeds would be distributed and used is:

• Bernalillo: $270,000 for re-stuccoing, books, DVDs and computers.

• Cochiti Lake: $71,900 for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning repairs, books, media and subscriptions.

• Cochiti Pueblo: $290,000 for library expansion, roof repairs, a security system, computers, books and multimedia.

• Corrales: $230,000 for re-stuccoing, books, materials, magazines, subscriptions and databases.

• Cuba: $200,000 for addition and expansion to the library and exterior wall repairs.

• Jemez Pueblo: $30,700 for repairs of leaking roof, furniture replacement and new heating and cooling equipment.

• Jemez Springs: $69,000 for books, obtaining an internet connection, lighting and an interactive community communication system.

• Peña Blanca: $10,450 for restroom upgrades, three computer work stations and books.

• Placitas Community Library: $124,000 for books, magazines, computer and software upgrades, and library expansion.

• Rio Rancho: $1.5 million for books, technology, subscriptions, outside security cameras and new furniture.

• San Felipe Pueblo: $161,700 for parking lot repairs, handicapped access, replacement of damaged windows, books and other materials.

• Sandia Pueblo: $15,000 for books, publications and equipment replacement.

• Santa Ana Pueblo: $61,000 for restroom upgrades and plumbing repairs.

• Santa Domingo Pueblo: $150,000 for books, materials, repair of floor tiles, handicapped-accessible front doors and outdoor safety lighting.

• Torreon Community Library: $80,000 for a building upgrade, repairs to heating and plumbing systems, leveling the building and computers.

• Zia Pueblo: $85,100 for books, library expansion, furniture replacement and carpet replacement.

County residents can speak to their local librarians to find out more about proposed projects.

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