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Read Mallory 6852M Ignition Kit Installation Instructions

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PART NOS. 6852M (6-A) and 6853M (6-AL)

PARTS INCLUDED: 1 HYFIRE® 6A Ignition Control 4 #10 Sheet Metal Screws 2 Wire Ties 2 Ring Terminals, Insulated 1 1-amp/100 volt Diode 2 1/4" Tab Terminals GENERAL INFORMATION The features of the HYFIRE® 6-A and HYFIRE® 6-AL are the same, with one exception: the HYFIRE® 6-AL includes a single stage RPM limiter. You can set various RPM limits using switches that are accessible through the rectangular cut-out in the end bracket. See page 12 of this instruction form for more information about the rev limiting features of the HYFIRE® 6-AL. Battery The HYFIRE® 6A Series Ignition Control operates on any negative ground, 12 volt electrical system with a distributor. It will also work with 16 volt batteries and can withstand a momentary spike of 24 volts in case of jump starts. This system delivers full voltage with a supply of 10-18 volts, and operates with a supply voltage as low as 8 volts. Spark Plugs Using the correct spark plug and heat range is important for optimum performance. Because there are so many variables to consider, we suggest starting with your engine manufacturer's spark plug recommendation. From there, you can experiment with small changes in plug gap and heat range to obtain the best performance from your engine. Use the chart at right as a starting point. We also recommend non-resistor spark plugs. Foreign Vehicles Because of modern fuel injection systems, some foreign vehicles may require a tachometer/fuel injection adapter to work with the HYFIRE® 6A Ignition Control. 5 5 1 2 1 1/4" Male Disconnects 1/4" Female Disconnects Rubber Grommet Cable Clamps Magnetic Pickup Extension

NOTE: Do not install the HYFIRE® 6A Ignition Control in any vehicle that is originally equipped with a CD ignition control. If your application does not use an alternator, allow at least 15 amp/hour for every half hour of operation. If you crank the engine Spark Plugs and Wires with the same battery or other accessories, such as an electric High quality, spiral wound wire and proper routing are essential to fuel or water pump, increase the amp/hour rating the operation of the HYFIRE® 6A Ignition Control. This type of wire provides a good path for the spark to follow while minimizing Coils For optimum performance with your HYFIRE® 6A Ignition Control, we electromagnetic interference (EMI). recommend Mallory's PROMASTER® Coil P/N 29440 or 30440. NOTE: Do not use solid core spark plug wires with the HYFIRE® Mallory's PROMASTER® Coil P/N 29625 can also be used, as well as 6A Ignition Control. most stock coils or aftermarket coils designed as stock replacements. Routing NOTE: Do not use Mallory's PROMASTER® Coil P/N 28880. Wires should be routed away from sharp edges, moving objects, and heat sources. Wires that are next to each other in the engine's Tachometers firing order should be separated. For example, in a Chevy V8 The yellow wire on the HYFIRE® 6A Ignition Control provides a with a firing order of 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2, the #5 and #7 cylinders trigger signal for tachometers, shift lights, or other add-on RPM are positioned next to each other on the engine as well as in the activated devices. This wire produces a 12 volts square wave firing order. Voltage from the #5 wire could jump to the #7 wire. signal with a 20% duty cycle. This could cause detonation and engine damage. Some vehicles with factory tachometers may require a tach ® For added protection against cross-fire, Mallory offers PRO SHIELD adapter to work with the HYFIRE 6A Ignition Control. If your GM vehicle uses an inline filter, it may cause the tach to drop to zero on insulated sleeving. Pro Shield is a glass woven, silicone coated protective sleeve that slides over your plug wires. It also helps acceleration. If this occurs, bypass the filter. For more information reduce damage from heat and sharp objects. on tachometers, see page 4.


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MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION Sealing Do not attempt to seal the HYFIRE® 6A Ignition Control. All of the circuits of a HYFIRE® 6A receive a conformal coating of sealant that protects the electronics from moisture. Sealing the HYFIRE® 6A will not allow any moisture that seeps in through the grommets to drain and may result in corrosion.

area, such as the glovebox. When you find a suitable location to mount the unit, make sure all wires of the ignition reach their connections. Hold the ignition in place and mark the location of the mounting holes. Use a 1/8" drill bit to drill the holes. Use the supplied self-tapping screws to mount the box.

WIRING Wire Length All of the wires of the HYFIRE® 6A Ignition Control may be Welding shortened as long as quality connectors are used or soldered To avoid any damage to the HYFIRE® 6A Ignition Control when in place. To lengthen the wires, use one size larger gauge wire welding on the vehicle, disconnect the positive (red) and negative (12 gauge for power leads, 16 gauge for all others). Use the (black) power cables of the HYFIRE® 6A Ignition Control. It is also a proper connectors to terminate all wires. All connections must good idea to disconnect the tachometer ground wire as well. be soldered and sealed. Distributor Cap and Rotor Grounds We recommend installing a new distributor cap and rotor when A poor ground connection can cause many frustrating problems. ® installing the HYFIRE 6A Ignition Control. Be sure the cap is clean When a wire is specified to go to ground, connect it to the inside and out, especially the terminals and rotor tip. On vehicles chassis. Always connect a ground strap between the engine and with smaller caps, it is possible for the air inside the cap to become chassis. Connect any ground wires to a clean, paint-free metal electrically charged causing crossfire which can result in misfire. surface. You can prevent this by drilling a couple of vent holes in the cap. Drill the holes between terminals at rotor height, facing away from Ballast Resistor the intake. If needed, place a small piece of screen over the holes If your vehicle has a ballast resistor in line with the coil wiring, it to act as a filter. is not necessary to bypass it. This is because the HYFIRE® 6A Ignition Control receives its main power directly from the battery. HYFIRE® 6A Diagnostic LED On the end panel of your Hyfire 6A ignition there is a small hole. Behind this hole is a red LED indicator. This serves two purposes: when you first turn on the ignition switch, the LED will flash FIGURE 1 rapidly 3 times. This indicates that the ignition system has power, and that the microprocessor is running properly. In addition, the LED will flash when receiving a proper trigger signal from the vehicle. If, after a normal power-up, the LED doesn't flash when DIAGNOSTIC cranking the engine, you should check your triggering circuit for LED problems. If the LED flashes when the engine is cranked, but there is still no spark, the problem lies somewhere else.

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